About Hostilo Helps

About Hostilo Helps

Hostilo Helps is a non-profit organization that provides educational and support services to students in need. We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their background.

Our programs include

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of students in need. With your help, we can provide every student with the opportunity to succeed. 

  • Tuition: We provide tuition assistance to gifted and talented students that are financially unable to attend a school that would be better suited for them. 
  • Leadership training: We help students develop the leadership skills they need to make a difference in the world.
  • Academic and social/emotional assistance: We provide students with the academic and social/emotional support they need to thrive.

Our History

The Hostilo Helps Foundation was founded by lawyer and philanthropist, Mike Hostilo in 2022 with the purpose of providing financial assistance to deserving scholars to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder a young person’s ability to obtain a quality education.

Mike has always had a need to give back to his community which started when he was a child. He grew up the son of an enlisted Marine and a seamstress. When Mike was a boy his family usually resided on the military base where they were stationed and his family was involved in the community; especially sports. Mike rarely passed up an opportunity to play on a team whether it be football, basketball, or baseball while his dad was usually the coach or referee. Mike’s mom enjoyed getting to know the families with which they spent time traveling for sports and Mike’s friends. This sometimes meant loving those less fortunate, and Mike observed that from a young age.

Their family moved from place to place like most military families until they finally settled in Laurel Bay, South Carolina when his father was stationed in the area. Mike was in high school at this time and attended a public school. The public school was fine, but it was observed by one of the private schools in town that Mike was a multi-sport athlete and gifted student. This led to them asking him to attend their school and they gave him a scholarship. This was life-changing for Mike and resulted in him receiving opportunities that he would not have otherwise to further his education.

Over the years in his law career, Mike has been asked to give back to the community in various ways. He has done so with organizations like First Tee of Savannah, The Boys and Girls Club of Savannah, Beaufort Academy, USCB-Beaufort as well various other local teams and causes. He recently decided to pool his efforts into his own charity and that is how The Hostilo Helps Foundation was born. Mike chose the mission of the Hostilo Help Foundation to be helping exceptional kids obtain access to top-notch education because he knows what a difference going to a leading college-preparatory school can make in one’s future.


The mission of the Hostilo Helps Foundation is to give high school scholarship assistance and programmatic support to qualifying 8th graders and high schoolers with an emphasis on those from the Lowcountry.  The Hostilo Helps Foundation works to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder a young person’s ability to obtain a quality education.